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International Society for Ethnopharmacology is a collaborative, interdisciplinary group of scientists – anthropologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, ethnobotanists, phytochemists, and others – all fascinated by the study of the global use of medicines. ISE is particularly concerned about understanding the medicinal uses of plants in traditional societies. The ISE promotes a critical discussion between everyone interested in local and traditional knowledge on medicinal, food and toxic plants and their past, present and future.

In many regions of the world, such knowledge is changing fast and ongoing concern of many members of the society is both a dialogue with the owners of traditional knowledge and to find ways to ascertain that such knowledge is passed on to future generations. Knowledge about traditional drugs/medicines is put into practice in different cultural settings in daily health care, nutrition, veterinary, hunting, pest control etc. Society is interested in the perception and the interface of the emic and ethic perspective of such knowledge and also promote the future use of such local and traditional knowledge.

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Prof. Pulok K. Mukherjee, 
Prof. Pulok K. Mukherjee, PhD, FRSC, FNASc
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Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology
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Dr. Marco Leonti
Dr. Marco Leonti
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